Hey; I am new to math daily 3. I need help finding math by myself activities for grade 3. Currently subtracting and adding within 10,000. Any suggestions where to look other than the cafe? thanks so much.






Here’s a book that would be a great resource for you:
Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics: Developmentally Appropriate Instruction for Grades 3-5 (Volume II) (2nd Edition) (Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics Series)Mar 2, 2013
by John A. Van de Walle and Karen S. Karp
Actually, if you go on Amazon, you can get this book (just an earlier version) and the one for grades K-2 very cheaply used.

Sarah Fraser

Does this resource translate to different countries? I’m from Australia - we use metric 



Each book has some activities with the metric system, and the open-ended activiites could certainly be adjusted, but I don't think he has books completely dedicated to the metric system.  Perhaps you can help us on this side of the pond with a book you'd recommend :).  


Chelsea Cattouse-Wilson

The book is about classroom approaches and activities with a focus on the developmental understanding of the concepts in math. The unit of measure is really inconsequential.

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