Hi, I teach grades 3-8 on a small site (10 students in those grades). I was wondering if people thought letting students work with math and literacy at the some time would work? My focus lessons will be staggered throughout the blocks anyway in order to meet the needs of certain curriculum with certain grades. My concern is that it would be confusing for the students. Any ideas would be appreciated!






From S Rea
Wow!! It sounds like you teach in the quintessential “one room school house”!! My first thoughts were that it would be a bit confusing to mix the two. Why not have all your various reading “groups” going on while the rest of the students are doing other D5 rounds, then switch to a math focus with the 3 areas while you meet with those groups?
However, your situation is so specialized, that I just bow to you to teach such a gemisch of children!!

Karen Hodge

I think I agree with you. ELA curriculum is pretty easy to stretch across the grades, so Daily 5 would be fairly easy to do all together. If I threw in the Math as well I think we would all get muddled! Thanks.

Hazel Barron

I tried combining both literacy and numeracy blocks this term and have been very successful. If the students have ownership of the activities they are working on, it runs very smoothly allowing you to confer with individual students or work with small group targets . I also dabbled with incorporating Health, Science and Social Studies. Again meeting great success. You can email me at [email protected] and we can chat about what I have tried and what I hope to try. I am quite excited about how well it is all gelling.

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