I am starting to implement the Daily 3 into my math block. We also just started Engage NY math curriculum this year as well. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to differentiate Engage NY for a 4th grade inclusion class?





Allison Taylor

I would love to know this as well. We are implementing the Engage NY curriculum as well and I teach a 3rd/4th grade split. I am finding that I have no time to differentiate between teaching the two curriculums and the lessons are taking more that 60 minutes. How has your experience been?

Roxane Daniel

I have just recently decided to start using Engage NY because my school does not have any Common Core aligned materials. Here was my initial thought. As for fitting in Math Daily 3…I think that in a perfect world, one of those Engage NY lessons will only take 1 day. I think in reality they will take part of a second as well. So, I was planning on teaching a lesson and then the 2 days following the completion, have the math block be just Daily 3 (with little mini lessons of course) so I can pull small groups of students who did not get the concept or eventually groups to enrich. After those days, I will start the cycle over with a new concept. I guess it is a modified form of Math Daily 3, as it is not actually a DAILY occurrence, but I think it is as close as I can get.
Also for differentiation, so you have the groups a few times a week, that is definitely differentiation, and then with those practice sets I would modify them based on IEP needs like less questions, answering in a small group setting or working with a partner.
Hope that helps!

Rebecca Huss

I was wondering the same thing! My district has started using Engage NY, but we’re expected to completed a lesson each day. I’m wondering how I can do this in the Daily 3 workshop model.

Amy Doss

We are using EngageNY too - I teach a 2nd grade inclusion class and I have kids at very different levels. It does take a few days to get through a lesson when you do all of the fluency practice and sprints. I send sprints as homework. I have limited the fluency practice as it takes my 2nd graders 20 minutes to teach just 1 concept of how to do the actual activity .
I teach the concept lesson as my focus lesson then meet with my different groups. I only just started doing this for the last few weeks. So far it is working… BTW a friend of mine who teaches Singapore math workshops told me that the people who wrote the curriculum didn’t sit down with the children to do it - that is why the timing is a bit unreasonable… everyone I have talked to is having the same difficulty.
Hope that helps.

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