Our district has adopted the Lucy Calkin’s Reader’s and Writer’s workshop. Our teachers are using the Daily 5 framework and we want this blending of ideas to be seamless. Do you have suggestions?






Our first and second grade teams also use LC reading and writing. I’m sure you’ll notice as
our teachers did, that the Calkins reading is very similar in form to Daily5/CAFE.
We have our Writer’s Workshop outside of the Daily 5 time, so that’s no problem.
Our teachers decided to use the Daily 5/CAFE terminology within the Calkins reading lessons. It really is esy to use the lessons within the mini-lessons between rounds of Daily 5–you just have to spread them over a few rounds.
I hope you find, as our teachers have, that the two blend well.

Josee Guillot

I have been using Daily5/CAFE for quite some time now.
I also have adopted LC Units of Study for the writing. I have examined the reading component of LC and find it very similar to the Daily5/CAFE method. So like the reply from srea, I have decided that my writing workshop is done outside the Daily 5 time.
I continue with Daily5/CAFE terminology for my reading lessons.


Our writer’s workshop is outside of the Daily 5 block. I liked having a straight writer’s workshop for the Lucy content, which is focused a Unit of Study. During Writer’s Workshop students have a lot of choice, but are restricted in terms of “We are all writing small moments.” During Daily 5, writers have complete choice, so they may write songs, poems, pretend stories, etc.

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