CAFE Menu As a Visual Aid for Summer Reading


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The CAFE Menu is a visual aid, created with and by our students all year long. It serves as a reminder of the strategies we've taught and practiced as students develop automaticity. 

As we approach the end of the year, we can see all the learning displayed and accessed by students through the CAFE Menu. How do we help our students continue using these strategies once the school year is over and the menu is not displayed for them each day? Here is an idea from our friend Trish Prentice. At the end of each year, she takes a photograph of the CAFE Menu created by her students. She sends a copy of the CAFE Menu photo home with each child so they can use the visual reminder of the strategies as they read during the summer. The goal is to have the picture anchor students back to the classroom learning and continue using the strategies.

If you want to include technology, consider emailing or texting a photo of the CAFE Menu to parents so they can support their child with a menu of their own. 


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