Classroom design, record keeping, and necessary materials work together to make the CAFE system a success for teachers and students.

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3. Classroom Design

3.1 Gathering space
3.2 Student work space
3.3 Charts
3.4 Quiet signal
3.5 Classroom library
3.6 Classroom walls
3.7 Teacher work space
3.8 CAFE Menu
3.9 Classroom enhancements (optional)

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4. Materials

4.1 Students need an appropriate number of good-fit books.
4.2 Students may have a vessel to hold their books.
4.3 Reading materials are available to students.
4.4 Work on Writing materials
4.5 Word Work materials
4.6 Listen to Reading materials

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5. Record Keeping

5.1 Record-keeping tool organization
5.2 Use assessments to inform and document next steps
5.3 Curricular coherence

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