Discover how assessments lead to deep knowledge about student needs and the instructional strategies and monitoring moves we make to ensure all students make successful strides toward meeting standards.

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6. CAFE Menu

6.1 Introduce classroom CAFE Menu to students
6.2 Classroom CAFE Menu as instructional tool
6.3 Student-created strategy cards
6.4 Students declare goals on classroom CAFE Menu
6.5 Individual CAFE Menu in conferring notebook for each student

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7. Assessment

7.1 Identify assessment
7.2 Use 7 Steps from Assessment to Instruction to determine goal, strategy, and area of strength
7.3 Behavior could be a goal
7.4 Students are active in goal setting
7.5 Use data, curriculum calendar, and information to inform instructional setting—whole group, small group, and individual.

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8. Instruction

8.1 Identify needs of students based on assessments anddetermine instructional setting (whole group/small group/one on one).
8.2 Brain compatible lessons are 5-10 minutes in length.
8.3 Use instructional protocol and brief focus lesson structure to plan and document.
8.4 Record information in conferring notebook.
8.5 Curricular coherence
8.6 Monitor progress (touchpoints)
8.7 Modify instruction as needed (materials, setting, teaching)

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