Hey all,

My 5th graders dread "Work on Writing" and when I surveyed them, most of them said it is because they have no good ideas. What other things have you tried with your classes to help them generate ideas for things to write about (especially ideas that are not narrative).







A couple of ideas:

--It seems like students this age have strong opinions about a variety of subjects.  Maybe get them to write persuasive pieces about  hot topics, either at school or in their surroundings.  That might get them going ;)

--Writing for a purpose--one such idea we did at my school, was to have 5th graders write as elves to respond to letters first graders had written to Santa.  Then, when the letters were delivered by the postman (our school secretary), the fifth graders helped the first graders read them :).  It was lots of fun.  

What ideas do others have?

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