Well, I have to say I’m pretty darn excited about the Daily 5 so far (Second year teaching 5th grade, first year using Daily 5). We spent the last week and a half building stamina and my kiddos are all reading for the whole time!

I guess that means we are ready for the next phase, work on writing!

I’m looking for some assistance with this phase. We’ve got our notebooks ready to go, we’ve talked about underlining words we don’t know how to spell, we’ve done some “brain storming” for some ideas to write on.

What I’m a little unclear on is the expectations that my students should have on their writing. I’m going to guess that it is treated as a “guided but driven by the student” type of writing? By that I mean as I do my conferences with the students, we go over their writing and talk about how to make it better and thus over time their quality of writing increases, but what they write about is up to them? Do we worry about the writing process at all (Draft, Edit, Revise, Final Copy)?

I appreciate any advice up front! Thank you so much!






Sounds like you have it down!!! I’d say you have a good handle on what to expect.
The writing process is usually done is a separate Writers’ Workshop setting, where you teach your mini-lessons and look for those specifics.
Best of luck with your launch!

Diana Janzen

Thanks for posting exactly what I was thinking.
Since the writing process is taught during writer’s workshop, what do we do as teachers for Work on Writing? Could they work on what is left over from writer’s workshop or is it just a free write during this time?


They certainly COULD carry work over–the key is choice. They can have the choice to work on their writer’s workshop work, or write about something that’s on their mind. I think the key here is that students realize they don’t just write for writer’s workshop, but that all kinds of writing are important.
I know one of my goals is to see what we work on in our workshop lessons carry over naturally into their own writing. :)

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