Do you spend your first 4 to 6 weeks just launching Daily 5 and CAFE?






I know you’ll get some more specific ideas here, but here are a couple of things to think about.
Think about your class–their age, their previous experience with Daily 5/CAFE, etc. This will affect how quickly you can introduce and review each piece. I feel that the Sisters emphasize introducing one area, like Read to Self, and work on that until reading behaviors are in place before moving on, but keeping thos expectations high.
This video shows a teacher on the 2nd day of 2nd grade using the CAFE board https://www.thedailycafe.com/articles/launching-read-to-self-and-cafe.
If you haven’t yet, read and review all the “Launching Lessons” on the website or found in the book. Again, this will vary from one class to another, but do give yourself the time needed to insure your students have the routines down well enough to be independent.

Christina Hidalgo

I have utilized Daily 5 and CAFE for 6 years. This school year I became the new Principal at an elementary school and have the using the Daily 5 framework during our literacy block. What I’m finding is some of the teachers seem to be more worried about getting into the basal reading program. My concern is making sure each classroom has their stamina secure for each Daily 5 task before even getting into the reading basal.
I think with launching the Daily 5 tasks, incorporating all the foundation lessons that come with each task, and implementing CAFE pretty much has the literacy block consumed. What are your thoughts?

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