I’m having a couple of difficulties with the CCP. After I confer with a student I want to make a new appointment but when I go to the calendar I can’t figure out how to add that. I click on the box for the date but only get a green checkmark and no way to add the name.

After I conferred I also wanted to put him on the check in sheet but couldn’t find the way to do that either.

My other question is how do i go back to the notes I wrote to see what I need to work on for him.

Thank you! I’m new to this.






No problem to ask questions :). That’s how we all learn, right? To make a new appt, scroll down on the calendar page. Then you’ll see where to choose the student (all the names in your class should be there), and the kind of meeting and the date(s). Click “save” and it will show up on the calendar.

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When you click on the “check in sheet”, do you see the student’s name on the left? If so, you should be a column highlighted in green where you can put in your code.
To go back to your notes, click on the Class spot and the student’s name. Your latest conference should appear at the top. If you want to add something, click on the “edit” tab, and you can change/fix, etc and save there.
I hope these are clear, but if you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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