I am a reading Interventionist and I am wondering if anyone in this position has tried using the CCPensieve. I use LLI and they have online support but it is mostly data and not personal observations around CAFE. I am considering it but wanted to hear from others as to whether it would work. I see about 20-24 students in groups of 4 at a time, grades 1-3.






I wish I could be the “Poster Child” (or teacher) for the CCPensieve as a reading interventionist. I can’t tell you how it has made the the connections between the classroom teachers and myself stronger in our work with their students.
Our teachers have a membership to the CCPensieve as well as me. One of the fabulous parts of the CCP is that you can “share” students.
When they meet with the students I work with, they record any notes and observations (as they would in their paper Pensieves). As soon as they submit their electronic notes, I can see them. Then, when I work with the students,–especially in a one/one situation, my notes appear in “real time” to them. It’s amazing to the students that I can say, “I see you read a book with Mrs. P, and you worked on ____”. They are like, “How do you know that?”. It really is notes shared in real time.
Now, when I meet with small groups, it’s a little different. You can’t share the group notes as a whole. So, I try to key in on one or two students a day and record notes for them. The next day, 1 or 2 different students. That way, I’m recording notes at least 2-3 times a week, and I can still see the teacher’s daily/weekly notes.
Sometimes I have to go back at the end of the day to add thoughts and notes, but to me it’s so worth it, and it allows me to reflect on my work of the day.
I think if you give it a try AND get your classroom teachers on board, you’ll be amazed at the possibilities.
Even if your teachers don’t get on board, you have your notes and plans in print, and you can create reports to use at student review meetings, parent conferences and teacher coaching sessions.
I’m more than glad to answer any questions you might have.


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Nedra Isenberg

Last year I was a K-5 RTI reading teacher. I did all pullout services with groups of 4-7. I’m the only one trying to incorporate a modified version of Daily5/CAFE. I loved the CCPensieve! I used it for writing my lesson plans according to my groups. I also used it to take required anecdotal notes on my, at times, 65 students. When I administered DRA tests, I wrote up a brief summary of each child in the Pensieve as well so all my notes were in one place. My principal loved my plans and asked if there was a math version for the math RTI teacher. I loved it as plans because it really kept me focused on skills/strategies.
This year our schools have been reconfigured so I’ll only be seeing 3rd-5th grades. I’m looking forward to using it again.

Shirley Holloway

I am a reading interventionist who is using the CCP as well. I meet with students both in clases while they are doing daily 5 and in small groups. I love it for lesson plans and for conferring with students. I am having an issue sharing groups. I want to share the groups as well as individual students. I can’t get a spot to write in the teacher or teachers I wish to share the groups with. If anyone has some help for me that would be great!

Katie Barnabei

Hi Nedra,

Thank you for the information in your post.  I was second grade, now I will be RTI intervention teacher.  In my second grade class I used D5 and CAFE but most teachers do not.  So you feel it was definitely worth your time to have the CC Pensieve?

Also, how did you orchestrate doing D5/CAFE with your RTI groups?  Thank you!  Katie


Here's what I do with D5/CAFE in RtI groups:  I mainly do Read to Self and Wrok on Writing . We start off with a mini-lesson for the group.  After that, I confer with individuals with the others read to self or do work work in their journals (we use Words Their Way sorts along with story vocabulary work).  

Using the CCP was a great way to their share students and note with the sharing feature or to print out weekly reorts for teachers who do not use the Pensieve.  


Did you see this note when you went to share a group?
“Sharing a group with another teacher is simple! First, be sure all students in group are shared with the teacher first before sharing the group. Once shared, ‘2 Vocab and Comp’ will automatically appear in the teacher’s group list.”
The ‘2 Vocab and Comp’ is the name of one of my groups. Would this work for you to share the individual students first and then add the teachers’ names on the groups?

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