Does anyone have experience with using the Daily Five Framework in other areas, such as Art, P.E., Computer classes? or suggestions on how it could be successfully implemented? Our school wants us to try and our specials teachers are taking this training. We all agree we create relationships, work toward brain focused lessons and offer body breaks... but are concerned about how to manage student choice and multiple sessions within 40 minute class sessions. Our schedules vary and so do our standards and supplies! It takes some of us 6 days to see all classes so it could be a while before students come back. We could incorporate a literacy portion, or just do this with our curriculum. Either way, we would love to have your input and ideas on management, transitions, organization! Thanks!






It sounds like you all have and are thinking through this carefully,  Perhaps you can have that discussion with your administrators about which pieces of Daily 5 that will and will not work within the scope of what you need to accomplish in those special areas.  You mention the creating relationships, brain-based lesson and breaks--are there ways to work toward building independence and making Icharts and going over the 10 steps to independence?  

We'll be anxious for you to share what you come up with--your trials errors and successes.  

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