Hi Everyone! This weekend I attended the 2 Sisters Workshop in New Jersey. So 2 Sisters here is your question? One of you mentioned that you teach the letter sounds first with a movement when teaching the alphabet - where can I learn more about how to do this with my class? If anyone has anything to share please do so - I would appreciate it!


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This is not from the Sisters, but from a teacher-created program our school district embraces. It’s called “The Phonics Dance”, created by a teacher in Ohio in her classroom and garage :). You can check out her website at
She has a very interactive way to not only introduce the letters and sounds, but also common “hunks and chunks” that help our kids become better word decoders and spellers.
There are great You Tube videos to watch to see if it would work for you, Here are a couple of links:

Quick alphabet review and hunks and chunks.
Here’s a video of just the alphabet. The length of this video is about how long the kids practice alphabet sounds each day–and they get them!

Dowd’s materials are reasonable priced and eye-catching for the kids.
I recommend checking it out.

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