I am the literacy specialist in my school and have been asked to help incorporate daily 5/cafe in each classroom. YAY! I have a couple teachers who have concerns of having to break student stamina to bring them back to the meeting area. They would rather let them continue working. Can you help me out with articles or videos on why we need to ring the chimes and have the students stop working and move to the meeting area?






Here’s a few stamina videos:
In the latest workshops, they suggest that if only one or two kids are causing the break in stamina, it might be time to pull them to do a conference about behaviors. Then you can let the rest of your kids keep reading.

Karen Pullam

On Friday I let the stamina continue for the group because my 3 barometer children had moved past disrupting and were now at staying in one place and being quiet. Although, they were not reading the whole time I felt their stamina in those areas had increased enough to allow the class to continue. Monday I plan on pulling them right away in a strategy group to talk about engagement in the book utilizing some of Jennifer Seravello’s ideas.

Jody Jarding

That makes sense. Thank you. I do remember a sister saying to bring the students back when stamina for others would be an issue. I was wondering more so of not pulling the kids back at all. Or maybe just have a quick break where the students are sitting (not bring them back) and start back up again. Are their any articles on research based evidence on why we want to bring the students back to the meeting area? Especially for the older students when they do have good stamina built. A concern of added time of putting away items, coming to the meeting area, checking out for next round, getting set up and get started on new job will add up to lost learning.


Part of it is a “brain break” issue. There’s lot of research about the break needing to take breaks.
I know that helps me, as well. Like if I’ve been reading for a time and “really into it”, to switch over to writing without clearing my head would be hard for me. I think keeping the pulse on your class is the most important piece.
If you do a search on the site, you can find lots of articles to peruse about brain break for students at differing ages.

David Mullins

I’m not sure what I can add here, but let me explain what I’ve been able to do with my 5th graders.
This is my first year doing it and I have to say I am amazed at what “getting out of the way and let them build stamina” is doing in my classroom!
To your question, my 5th graders take about 1 minute to get cleaned up and get back to the carpet, and that is with putting our flexible seating away. They do it quick and silent and it still amazes me! So if lost time is a concern, build the routine and it becomes a non-concern.
I don’t pull them back if it is one or two kiddos struggling with stamina. I pull them back when I sense the restlessness settling in the classroom. When I pull them back we ALWAYS do a self evaluation using the points on our I-Chart. Even those students who have the stamina can find ways to improve, so the next brief conversation is “What can you do next time to be even more fabulous than you were this time?”.
I don’t know if it is scientific, but brain breaks and goal setting with self awareness seem to be making a big difference not only in attitudes, behaviors, but also the amount of learning going on in my classroom this year compared to last year.
Hope that helps!

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