I feel like I missed something somewhere and would be grateful for other's insights.  If guided reading is in addition to Daily 5, I don't know where I get time for it.  If guided reading is done during Daily 5, then when do I find time to conference with students?






Think of your strategy groups in CAFE/DAILY 5 as a "focused guided reading group time". 


Think of your strategy groups in CAFE/DAILY 5 as a "focused guided reading group time".  We know from brain research that students can not attend much more than their age, so our group leessons should be formed with that in mind.  Lmit the time in your guided reading groups to not more than a minute or two longer than your students age.  Pick the one goal you have for your students--you don't need to do all the  different sections/activities related to a book in one session.  

Kim Kaiser

Thanks.  That helps somewhat, but if my strategy groups are during the Daily 5 sessions, then when do I confer with students?  I watch the conferring videos and some are quite long. I know that won't work with me, so I am okay with short conferences, but I just don't know how to manage both small groups and conferences.  j


Actually most of the videos of individual conferences are around 4-6 minutes.   During each round, it is suggested to have one strategy group and 3-4 individual conferences.  This, of course, depends on your students age/stamina as to how long your rounds last.  Many teachers have actually gone to all individual conferring sessions, as these really meet the specific needs of the students.  I'm going to look for a sampleschedule I've seen at face-to-face sessions, and will post it here.  I think it will help support what I mean :).  





Hi there!

I know it may seem daunting at first and that there isnt enough time in a day to get things done, but believe me, you can definitely implement small group guided reading time within your daily 5 routine. I can go on forever but checkout my youtube page schooled_bymazza (written just like that), I just posted how I embed guided reading into my daily 5 routine! Basically my "meet with the teacher" is when my students are meeting with me, and I sort my kids into groupings and each day is a different rotation. But believe me, take a look at the video, it goes in way more detail. If you have any other questions regarding how I do it, let me know and I would be happy to help! I have been doing daily 5/guided reading in this way for 3 years now and it has been very successful; I teach grade 2/3. 





You  certainly have very organized  rotation of places for your students, but I would ask you to consider the framework for Daily 5 andthe Essential Elements.  Here's a link:  https://www.thedailycafe.com/daily-5/daily-5-essential-elements/understand/1-framework

Number 1.6 and 1.7 are the ones I would ask you to really look closely at.  A big piece of Daily 5 is to provide choice for your students.  Selecting the daily choices for each round is a big part of building that indepence we want to see in our students.  The teacher choice--to meet with students as you see is necessary to confer and work with students who are needing your support--is also an important piece.  For example, you might meet with your neediest students almost every day, and the more inependent readers 2 or 3 times a week.  

Building stamina also can effect the length of your rounds, which would be difficult to do with your plan.  

Again, you have lots of good ideas,but think if you are really doing Daily 5, or a center roation of the activities.  



Hi Suzanne,

I don't think my video or my above post properly depicted my Daily 5 routine. I do get my students to choose what they do at the start of each week; I do not pick for them; I build their independence by them making a good choice for themselves. The only magnet they do not move is the "Meet with the teacher" as that is on a schedule for me so I can meet with my neediest/lowest groups more often than my higher groups. I am not doing more of a center rotation, it is truly Daily 5. In my video I was merely explaining some of my Word Work activities as it was requested from some of my followers that I explain in more detail how I do those. I hope that clarifies things; so refering to number 1.6 and 1.7, I definitely do those. I suppoe I should have been more clear in my youtube video post. :) 


That's wonderful, and thanks for clarifying.  It does happen that well-intended teachers may in reality be doing a center-type rotation rather than allowing choice, so it's great to hear you've got choice built in :).  


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