Joan Moser

An RTI coordinator is wondering how to use other Coordinators/Reading Specialists use the CCPensieve.





Roberta Wright

I have teachers using Daily 5 and Cafe in various degrees in my school. This year, I will be providing tablets from my Title-1 budget for those that have actually went through the training. They will use CCPensieve on their entire class while I push-in and work with the at-risk students using the CCPensieve and target lessons. After a few months when non-trained grade level teachers become interested, I will provide them with tablets and begin supporting their students the same way. I pull-out a few students from my caseload but will eventually get to all push-in using the Cafe for small group, one-on-one or team teaching. I find it easiest to start with one or two teachers and watch it snowball as other teachers ask to get set up for CCPensieve.

Cindi Williams-Tomhave

I am a Title I teacher and I am interested in any information about using the Daily 5 with a push in model. We have done Walk to Read for many years and are having a hard time figuring out how to effectively do a push-in model. Many of us went to the training in Tacoma this summer, and I can see how sharing the CCPensive would be helpful in communication. I would like to take the lead in doing this at my school, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Joan Moser

The push-in model works beautifully when done during Daily 5. The itinerants will have their own students to work with or small group to work with if necessary. Using the online conferring notebook, The CCPensieve, is very effective for curricular coherence. If there are too many students spread between too many classrooms to make it manageable, consider putting groups of those students into a few classrooms to eliminate the problem of being spread too thin.


I have done the “push in” model for years, and truly see not just “numbers” but the motivation, engagement and interest built in the students with whom I work. The ability to build curricular congruence between the teaching of the two of us, plus the student’s recognition of strategies to be learned are such positives.
Every school needs a leader for learning, and you sound like you’re ready to tackle that job

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