Hey everyone. I have been working to implement a modified version of D5 and was wondering if anyone else has done the same. I am a Title 1 Reading Teacher so I only work with my kids for one hour broken up in two thirty minute segments. I am having trouble with consistency, especially when students enter and exit my reading group based on their abilities (I work with the lowest of the low). The max number of students I have is 5 so the dynamic is totally different than a real classroom. I want to keep trying this because it is a great way to get my kids reading which is really what they need, I just need some more strategies to help get me there. Thanks!





Kacie Elizagaray

Hi there!
I am also a reading specialist, and this year I have coached our teachers as they have implemented Daily 5 from Kindergarten through 5th grade in our school [I also teach the 5th grade reading/writing classes]. Here are some of the things I have tried as a fellow Title I teacher. First, for my tier 2 kids, I rarely pull them out of class anymore. Rather, to maintain Daily 5 structure and support the classroom teacher, I actually go into the classroom during Daily 5 time [for 2nd grade and 4th grade]. I simply look around to see what each of my intervention kiddos is up to, then start conferring. I typically stress a different strategy than our teachers [as a specialist, I tend to work with the kids on accuracy and fluency strategies].
For my kids that I pull out of the classroom [1st and 3rd graders this year], the structure looks different. On an ideal day, we practice read to someone [I can then confer individually], have a guided focus lesson, then do read to someone again, etc. I like to have my tier 3 kids reading aloud to one another for accountability. Also, they get plenty of read to self time in their classrooms, as well as work on writing, and they absolutely LOVE read to someone - especially because they are working with others at a similar level. They also take their read to someone books home to practice each night. My guided focus lessons are from the Read Well series.
I’m curious… what reading intervention materials do you use? I’m always wondering what programs people have found that work well in a Daily 5 setting.

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