Hello. I’m a Third Grade teacher and long-time Daily 5-er, now struggling now with scheduling decisions and accommodating our learners with F & P levels from A to V. Most days, when I don’t borrow minutes from the morning writing/content block, we have 70 minutes every afternoon for our Daily 5 Block. The schedule feels best–and most relaxed and humane–when we have 2 mini-lessons, 2 longer dailies, and sometimes a short read-aloud within that block. It feels tight when we put in 3 Dailies, but it sure allows for more choice. My questions:

If Read to Self and Writing are required each day, how do we get in weekly Word Work, Read to Someone, and Listening (all needed and loved)?

Did I read that Listening and Read-to-Someone can now be grouped with Read-to-Self and students may choose one “Reading” Daily? (This, I admit, works well for strugglers! ) I have allowed “flipping” in the past after 10 minutes, but feel I don’t want Read-to-Self or Writing cut off after 10 minutes.

If perhaps someone could share a possible Third Grade block, with allocated minutes, I’d be grateful!

Confessions: I use a 3-minute piece of music for transitions to get bathroom/water/other issues dealt with. To allow the 5 choices, I have not been requiring Writing daily, but very much want to!






Schedules are always fun, aren’t they?? Read to Self and Writing should be their own Daily choices every day. Listen to Reading and Word Work can be combined–like 10 minutes of word work then move to Listen to Reading or vice versa.
One way teachers fit in Read to Someone is to have 2 or 3 pairs get to choose that each round–when the students choose that, and the set number has been reached, then kids know no one else can make that choice this time.
Hope this helps a bit.

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