I am constantly running across “cute” student methods for managing the rounds or stations they have completed in Daily 5. I need someone to explain to me if it is necessary to have a student management method if the teacher is managing this with a check-in time. I just can’t wrap my brain around if both are necessary. Help me!






I think this is a question for each teacher to think through for him/herself. I know there are some teachers–or perhaps even some administrators–who want that “accountability” piece.
I feel like I think you do :). The fact that I’m having each student check in before they go to a round and tell me the strategy they are working on, and that we come together to share a bit after each round, that I have a pretty good handle on what they are doing.
Also, I kinda feel like we are working so hard to build independence in our students, that adding the requirement of “exit slips” or whatever one calls them, takes away from our belief that kids can do this.
I know there are kids who need to be reminded to keep on task, but that’s another lesson–work the whole time you’re there!!
Again, this is my opinion, and I’m sure others have great ideas to share with us.

Joan Moser

Great question Peggy and answer srea! Another bit of info that may help you understand why we do not have any other management of student choice is the research by Michael Grinder, National Director of Neurolinguistic Programming. Michael was the first person to indicate that when students verbalize their choice to the teacher and the teacher makes note of it, in the student’s mind it has created a verbal contract.
Another couple of things to consider is the efficiency of quickly checking in with the teacher, no valuable student reading and writing time wasted! The quick check-in like we have written about and used for many years also allows the teacher to hear what each person is doing and gently nudge or guide their choices if necessary. It also can allow students to hear each other, particularly when we add goal setting to their check-in.
When first developing Daily 5, we tried every type of check-in known. We settled on this verbal check-in for all the of the reasons above!

Melody Rae

I am in a mixed 1-2 room and I did make a simple tracker in the middle of the year for each student.I do not have as much time in my schedule for literacy as some others may. I have 5, 50 minute periods with 2 rotations. Even though I had the selections on the wall,did reviews, and had a magnetic centers board …check in time was still life in the land of “Uhhhmmm…” and tick tock went the clock.
I also realized I had a lot of children choosing one area only, and I needed to make sure more selections were being made. Their personal tracker empowers them to see what they have chosen already and know what else they have to choose from. The children make their adjustment based on their chart rather than me being the heavy.
They have pictures for each choice and a couple of free spaces. If I recall I did 3RS 1 LR, 3W, 1WW, 1 PR and 1 free choice box. I also had a box for their guided reading and building words with teacher session. My check ins went MUCH smoother and faster! They come in from recess, grab their box, take out their chart to see what they have to choose from, and then they report to me. I check the box with wet erase marker. I have the option to give students an extra free choice if they have been working on a story really well, were really into a book, or wanted another word work…whatever… Gathering and cleaning the charts is part of our Friday chores.
I think the tracker is on my school computer. I can definitely take a picture and share, if that would be helpful.
As I mentioned, it helps me to stay more organized and empowers the children to make better choices and to be personally accountable. This is what works best in my room. I am so glad that D5 gives me flexibility to make these adjustments. PS I LOVE The online pensieve for my personal tracking and notes. .


Great way to make things work for you. I’m sure your ideas will help others, too. I sure we’d love to see the picture to help make a mental image.
Isn’t the CCPensieve check in great!! Have you checked out the calendar and place to record reading levels?

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