Fellow teachers,

We are launching Daily 5 in our third grade classroom and very excited! We have run into an issue with “Listening to Reading.” Our resources are limited to only cd players and headphones. I have researched and cannot find appropriate leveled books on audio cds to listen to. Where can I find audio cds and books leveled for third-fourth grade? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!





Andrea Edbauer

With intermediate grades, listen to reading is meant to be done on an as-needed basis, meaning that most kids at that level do not need to do listen to reading. The structure for upper-elementary is meant to look like this:
-45 minutes of read to self or work on writing
-45 minutes of read to self or work on writing
For the first 10 minutes of work on writing, kids should be doing some sort of spelling/word work activity.
In 2nd grade we use Bookflix and Tumblebooks for listen to reading. Trueflix and Freedom Flix are great for upper grades, but it’s a paid subscription. My kids listen on laptops, and I’m not sure if you have any available to you?
I hope that helps a bit.


In the past I have subscribed to RAZKIds to support Listening to Reading. It was a wonderful resource that students could access at home as well.

Denise Brania

Thanks for the great ideas fellow teachers! Denise:)

larry causer

If you download Audacity, you can record any story you want and the either play this on a computer, or burn a cd and play this on a cd player.

Shirley Holloway

I just want to second the mention about Raz Kids. It is a wonderful support app. There are stories from levels A-z. Also, there are decodable books which are really helpful when you need a book to reinforce a sound.

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