I need help! In my district, every lesson needs a learning target. Once the lesson is taught, students are to go out and practice that target. An example is in kindergarten, the teacher teaches Rhyming. She models, the class practices together, and then the teacher sends them out to center like activities. Now that we are doing Daily 5/Cafe, we are struggling with how to keep the learning target, have students practice, but keep the independence of Daily 5. In this particular scenario, the students are still only at Read to Self and Work on Writing. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.






Couldn’t the learning targets be the CAFE strategies? It’s not like they pertain only to the CAFE menu, but are present in all the Common Core and other states’ strategies. Therefore, when yo complete your group strategy or individual and conferring forms, you state the learning goal to be worked on–the strategy
If you give the students one of the “I Can” bookmarks to take with them for Read to Self, that could be a reminder to work on that particular strategy as part of their reading. It could also be a reminder for Work on Writing–think about this as you are writing. In these cases we’re not taking away choice but perhaps directing it a bit. When you add word work, a lot of strategies present themselves for work here.

Jody Jarding

In this case, the strategy of recognize rhyming words is under the emergent cafe menu. They do not have word work up and running yet and they do not have goals for the children set. They give a lesson with the learning target of recognize rhyming words and then check them out for their round of daily 5. Is it just at a point where we need to be patient and the practice of the learning target will come as all daily 5 is introduced? Also, how do you work the learning target in with their own personal goal? Just say to practice both?
Thank you so much for helping me with this!


There’s nothing that prevents you from putting up that strategy on the CAFE board–this is a valid strategy, and the Sisters say that if you need to add a strategy that might not be on their list, go ahead and do it. Just be careful not to add so many that kids can’t “see” them.
I think your question/thought is spot on for you. It seems like it will come naturally, as you work through this.
The strategy you introduce to the whole class is one that most all need. Their own personal goal is one you’ve noticed through your conferring that is one that child especially needs. Yes, practice both .
If you think about it, we never really just practice one strategy when we work on reading–we naturally use all the “tools” we have to be successful. You students will do that, as well.
We love talking through these questions you have. I’m sure other CAFE/D5 friends have other ideas to share with you, as well.

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