I have an 80 minute literacy block for Daily 5. When do you start the Daily 5 rounds with kinder and when do you start pulling groups? Do you use the whole 80 minutes right away or will that burn the kids out?





Jody Jarding

And one more question: Do you teach all of the IPICK lesson? So many kiddos can’t read the words.


In their newest presentations, Gail and Allison talk about how they’ve changed their thinking about the I PICK lesson. In Kinder and 1st, they suggest not doing the lesson with the class, Rather, you would spend your time teaching how to pick books of interest for their book boxes, but knowing that teachers will choose appropriately leveled books to add to those, and for strategy groups and individual conferring.

Jody Jarding

Do you have a suggestion on how to get the learners to read all the books in the book box (specifically the ones we put in there) compared to their interest pick where they may only be able to read the pictures and then are not practicing reading the words?

Jocelyn James

We specify that during Read to Self they choose at least one book that they can read the pictures, and at least one book where they can read the words /retell (e.g. small copy of a book read to the whole class, or a levelled text, often with pattern and repetition). That has helped with the balance, as it means they get a mix of developing oral language by talking about the pictures, and deveoping early skills like word-by-word matching and using initial letters on patterned leveled text.


Those are great suggestions, Jocelyn. Our teachers do something similar with first grade–they are to read their newest book from the teacher first, then a book of choice.

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