My kindergarten kids have started to lose interest in making the Read to Self choice during Daily 5. Of course, I could tell them they must make that choice for one round, but my question is why? I have added a new tub of books (non fiction, books about bears, Dr. Suess books etc) each week, but perhaps there is not enough interesting choices, or too many? I have started encouraging them to look for ‘good fit’ books and this may also have caused them to avoid it, though they each know which tub of leveled books are just right for them. Any thoughts?






After hearing the Sisters talk about this subject several times, I believe they would say that perhaps you are limiting their choices by having many of your classroom library tubs organized by levels.
Joan tells the story of a child in her class who wouldn’t choose books from the public library because there were no “blue tubs”. Yes, when we are conferring with our kids, we will give them good fit book according to levels. However, remember, those “3 ways to read a book”–by the pictures, retelling and reading the words.
So, you’ll provide them the books where they can read the words, and your library should offer those books that they’ve heard before (to retell) and books they can read by the pictures. It sounds like you have some of that going on, but perhaps take a look at “leveled tubs”, to encourage more choice or interest.
Here’s a link to a video of Joan talking about classroom libraries:
Here’s an article about classroom libraries: http://www.thedailycafe.com/articles/your-classroom-library

Jenny Thiem

My library question is a bit different. Do you keep all your books out all year or do you rotate books in and out of the library? I keep the books I use to teach away and put them out after I am done so the students can read them but I wanted to know how others are doing it in Kindergarten. My room is small and I do not have an ideal place for all the books to have a premiere spot. I have read and watched all that I can on how to organize the books and will do that for next year when I am moved to a bigger (real kindergarten room) but still am unsure about having so many books out. Suggestions and thoughts?


I also keep a shelf for books that I use to teach lessons with that are separate from the general class library.
Other than those, however, I think you should keep all your other books out and sorted in a way that works for you (but not by levels). These will be the books that your students “shop” from for their book baskets, so they need a great variety.

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