I have questions about kindergarten students practicing their Accuracy strategies during rounds. What daily 5 round choice does it fall into, what materials are used, and how do you have them independently work on this. Also, how are students held accountable for their work. So much of it is oral practice; identify if/produce rhymes, blending onset & rime, count words in sentence, etc. Are these strategies taught in focus lessons and monitored during conferring only?

Word work, as I understand, is only working on sight words and other district expectations. Read to Self is focused on using comprehension strategies and applying accuracy/fluency strategies. If a child does not know letters/sounds, read to self is not a way to practice accuracy skills during Read to Self.

Insight would be much appreciated!






Some thoughts about your question/ideas . . . I think in many ways, accuracy strategies and word work complement each other at this level. The accuracy strategies you teach in your mini-lessons can be reflected in their word work. For example, if you are teaching the strategy “use beginning and ending sounds” or onsets and rimes, it could lead to word work activities of using sound boxes to stretch works with plastic letters or writing on laminated sound box cards. Having picture cards with words that make up word families can also be used for these strategies and skills.
Accountability is up to you–there are so many ways. If they are doing sound box activities, you can have them copy the words onto a sheet and turn it in. Some teachers don’t require a “physical” proof of work, but make spots checks of activities between conferring with students.
I think your question at the end of the first paragraph is true–if you leave off the “only”.
Word work is definitely a time when you can work on all kinds of phonics and accuracy strategies. Now, your district may place some restrictions, but it doesn’t say that coming from the Sisters.

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