Is there any documentation from the Sisters that shows John Hattie’s effect size with all the daily 5 and cafe elements?






I forwarded your question on to Gail and Allison. We’ll hear from them soon!


Allison shared that they discuss this information in the live workshops, but there hasn’t been an article written for the website as of yet. Perhaps we’ll see one soon!!

Peggy Andrews

Now my interest is piqued…refresh my memory;)
What is John Hattie’s effect size?

Margaret Oevering

John Hattie wrote the books on Math and literacy, “Visual learning for literacy” and Visual literacy for Math. He has done research on the effect of different strategies teachers use for effective teaching/ learning. The higher the effect size the better. One key point is almost everything promotes learning. However, strategies used that have a 0.40 or higher effect size are more effective for learning.
Highest rating is self reported grades effect size 1.44
Fifth highest is Providing formative evaluation .90 - conferring while working on reading goals is formative evaluation I believe
Sixth, micro teaching - small groups or ind teaching target strategies of comprehension, fluency… effect size 0.88
Seventh - classroom discussion - the discussions about how to read, discussing the strategy that was modeled… effect size 0.82
Feedback given individually and small groups Effect size 0.75
Metacognition 0.69
Self verbalization and self questioning 0.64
Direct instruction 0.59
Classroom management 0.52 - the Daily 5 gives a fabulous structure for classroom management.
Yes the Daily five is supported by Hattie’s extensive research for better learning!
This is a quick summary from my perspective. If you try the Daily five, you can share with your admin that the Daily 5 or 3 in Math use the top strategies that Hattie’s research recommends.
I love both and think they compliment each other. Last year, I especially enjoyed the conversations after we completed Math journals. It was so cool to have students share with partners and then the class about their learning and understandings.
My thoughts.


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about Hattie’s ideas. I like the connections you made to Daily 5/CAFE/Math 3. It’s always good to have those links to research at our fingertips.
Again, the link above m_oevering’s post is a link to a chart of Hattie’s findings.
Thanks again!

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