My school purchased the CAFE book for the entire staff, K-5. I am feeling overwhelmed and disorganized. I have never been trained on CAFE or Daily 5. Which one do I begin with? Do I use both of them together?






If you want to start one first, Daily 5 would be the way to go. I think with your kindergarteners, you might feel more comfortable starting there. When you have that comfort level and your kids have built stamina and some independence, you can start CAFE at any time.
Are you all doing the book study together? I’ve posted the links below to the book studies for both books.
Daily 5 2nd edition–


299.36 KB

Laurel Keyes

Thank you. CAFE will be our staff development this year. But at the same time, we are being evaluated on our implementation of CAFE. I am nervous about learning something new, and being expected to have mastered it for evaluation.


Hopefully your administrators understand this is a learning year for everyone! I would think if you can show your trials and learnings they will appreciate all your work ;).

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