Hi Everyone, I am wondering how many days a week the children should be doing each daily. Should read to self be 5/5 days a week? Should they choose read to someone at least once? Work on words…3 times? Listen to reading…2 times? Is there a standard people go by in their classroom?






According to the Sisters at their latest conference, Read to Self and Work on Writing should happen every day. The other 3 can vary according to your students’ needs.
Younger children and perhaps English Language Learners benefit from Listen to Reading often. Many older students have the Word Work strategies under control, so they don’t need too much of that–not to say that there are those who do still need them. This is where your expertise at conferring will help you decide what to suggest to your students.
I’ve also heard the Sisters talk about a combination of Word Work and Listen to Reading in one round, as students may finish word work early and loose stamina, so if they could go into Listen to Reading, it might keep them on track.
Read to Someone fits into into your day as it benefits your students, as well.
So . . Read to Self and Work on Writing daily, and the other 3 as it works best for you and your students.

Heather Fougere-Connolly

Fantastic. This is what I had thought. For my two’s, I like them to do Word Work at least two times and we write everyday and read every day. I had to pull writing out and have it in it’s own round as I was not getting good quality writing. So, it’s round one always. Round 2 and 3 are choice, but one has to be read to self. Thanks for getting back to me. I took the masters course but it was quite some time ago and I know some things had been tweaked.

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