I’m new to Daily 5 and have a question about notebooks. My students have always had Writers’ Notebooks to use during Writers’ Workshop. It’s a place to store ideas, lists, jotting, try out new things we are discussing in WW, etc. My question is, for those of you who do both Daily 5 and WW, do they use the same notebook for WW and Work on Writing in Daily 5? Also, is there a separate notebook for Reading Response that they keep in their book box? I’m hoping to not have to have three different notebooks! Any input is appreciated. Thank you.





Barbara Linne

I too am curious about notebooks or binders and what’s in them. We’re getting ready to enter our fourth week of school and I think my class has gotten off to a great start with Daily 5. My students have a composition notebook they’re using for Writer’s Workshop but I’m finding I want them to have a Daily 5 binder so they can keep some of their things in it…i.e. spelling word lists, word collector, a “check-in” reminder for them to use when they’re reading to someone that will hopefully remind them to stop and check for understanding. I’m wondering what others use and what they put in their notebooks. Also…tips on organizing them?
Thank you!

Abby Alejo

I also am interested in responses to these questions.

Dan Montanaro

I am also interested in responses for these questions.

Jennifer Ross

I am also in need of an answer to this question. Also, how do you arrange the notebook for a first grader? Do you tab the different spots for them?


posted by S Rea
Here are some of my thoughts: I think we want to have as few notebooks to keep up with as possible, especially with first graders. Many of our teachers glue the word collector in the back of their Writing composition notebooks. We use a phonics program called Phonics Dance, and the letter/hunks and chunks sheets are glued inside the front cover of the notebook.
As far as the “check-in” reminder, I think having a visual such as a physical check mark to hold will remind them, so when they do R to S, they get in the habit of getting a check mark to use.

Abby Alejo

Thank you, that was helpful.

Andrea Edbauer

I teach 2nd grade, and I do not use a writer’s notebook. I’ve found that the lines are too narrow for many kids, so I use a writing binder. I have several paper choices, and they choose which kind they would like to use. My binder is divided into 3 tabs: finished writing, unfinished writing, and tools. They can continue their writing from writer’s workshop during Daily 5 time, or they can do something different. For example, during writer’s workshop we are focusing on personal narratives. However, during Daily 5 they can make lists, write an informative piece, a story, etc. All of the writing is stored in their binders. I think that if it were separate, they may not connect and apply the skills they’re learning during writer’s workshop during Daily 5 time.
I do have a math notebook and a separate reading response notebook.

Emily Gilloon

I teach fifth grade, and I have my students keep one writing journal for all writing. They have a blue folder in their book totes for word work activity lists, checklists, and other things they might use during every single round.
I also have them keep a binder in the room or in their book box if it fits with tabs for “reading,” “writing,” and “word work.” It also contains a fillable CAFE menu to add new strategies, and a sheet that tracks their current reading goals, what they are working on, and when we will meet again. This has worked really well for fifth grade and I imagine it could work for 3rd and 4th as well.

Sherrye Ginn

Great ideas. I loved the video on flipping the notebook over for teacher’s notes. I plan to try that!

Angeles Hernandez

It was very useful to read all the possible ideas about notebooks. I agree about having a few notebooks especially on 1st grade.

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