Good morning,

I'm brand new to The Daily 5 (2nd edition), and have a few questions about getting started.

The book suggests that students choose books for their book boxes prior to the first lessons, and before the first IPICK lesson. This leads me to 2 initial questions:

1. How many books should they have in their book boxes?

2. The book suggests that they select books for their boxes prior to the first formal lessons, which may not end up being good choices for their first Read to Self session. After the IPICK lesson, should they return these books and select again, or practice the IPICK skills on the ones they initially chose?








The number of books depends on the age of your students.  Younger students, whose books are shorter, will need about 8-10 books. Also for kinder through early first grade, it's fine for you to populate the book boxes for them.  Older students reading chapter books and longer books may need like 3-5.  

Certainly, after you have the I-Pick lesson (again, mid 1st gr on to begin with), you can have the talk about changing books.  



Hi Suzanne. I have a follow up question in that same realm.  I was just helping our 1st grade teacher today with book shopping for her students, ensuring they each had 8-10 books. How often do you recommend they switch out titles in first and second grade?


There's no exact time limit, but when you start to notice your kids interest waining, it would be a good indicator.  If they have the 8-10 books, it seems that about two weeks or so works well.  You also don't have to have them all change books on the save day--perhaps pick a round a day for a small group to shop, changing groups daily.  However it works best for you.


Thank you so much! This is very helpful.

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