Can you please explain your" foundation lessons sample" (graphic 14)?

On day 1 - when do you teach the green section of the flow chart?

Do you teach it before the 3 foundational lessons (3 ways to read a book, where to sit, & good fit books) or after?

After reading your book - I thought I needed to complete the 3 foundational lessons for Read to Self before launching Read to Self.

Please clarify.






Just so others know, you’re referring to Fig 14 in the Face to Face Workshop Daily 5 workbook, correct?
Figure 14, the Foundation Lessons is set up as if it were “real” days 1-5. However, it might make more sense to you if you substitute ‘day’ with ‘step’, knowing that day 1 may in fact take several days–depending upon your class. This is for Read to Self only. When that is under control, then you introduce Work on Writing, following the same steps.
Also notice that the 3 items listed are the same in each of the green boxes across the chart–just more intense as the days go on. Those are the mini-lessons for starting Daily 5 in your classroom.
You need to establish your 10 Steps to Independence before going much beyond that. Your modeling of (as well as the kids modeling) the 3 Ways . . , Where to Sit, and Good Fit books become your mini-lessons until you feel your students are able to show you that have those steps under their control.
After you have those areas in the green boxes under control, then you can begin using the mini-lessons with your books and introduction of strategies.
I would refer you to look at the sections on the website for introducing each of these areas. Here are a couple of links to get you started:
I charts: https://www.thedailycafe.com/daily-5/work-on-writing/i-charts-10118
Read to Self: https://www.thedailycafe.com/daily-5/read-to-self/launching-lessons-10113
Happy to respond to other questions you have, and am sure others will reply with more helpful advise.

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