I have a special education student who has a full- time aide. Right now, the student will have partial time in my room and some time in resource. How do I use the aide effectively, but still keep the independency that D5 establishes? This student is very capable, and I want them to be more independent, but the student is still way behind his/ her peers. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Mandy






posted by S Rea
Depending on the amount of time, could the aide be a second listener for this student, and maybe a few others in class? That way your sp ed student sees that s/he can have help when needed but can also be independent at times? Perhaps she could be a 3rd partner when this student does Read to Someone, maybe suggesting books that the other partner shares.
I think also “training” the aide on how to use questioning to help the student become more independent in his use of strategies will help build his confidence. For example, when the student is stuck, what can he do (getting him to name the strategy and then use it). I think for us as teachers, that seems natural to do, but an aide may not have the understanding of how you ask questions to build independence.

Amanda Buckingham

Thank you so much! Great ideas!

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