I’m sure you get this question all the time. Recently we sent several teachers to your training and they came back excited and ready to implement their learnings. However, they presented their learnings as “guided reading is out.” This is a must as directed by our superintendent. Our coaches are up in arms over this thought and believe the two cannot blend. However, I too attended your training and see that you can blend to two programs. I just don’t have the words to clearly explain it to our coaches. Please explain.






Here’s a “white paper” with the research behind Daily 5/CAFE. I think this will help it explain the similarities and differences. Many teachers still do groups with daily five as their conferring, but usually they move to more one on one conferring as their understanding of CAFE and Daily 5 evolve.

Karen Morse

Question: Our reading coach said the following was a Daily 5 guidance:
Reading levels A- J only do guided reading groups

Karen Morse

Reading levels K - M: Strategy groups and guided reading
Reading levels N+: Strategy groups only


Those aren’t guidelines from the Sisters. Strategy groups and individual conferring are the suggested ways to meet with students at all levels in Daily 5/CAFE :). Those suggestions may be your coach’s way to keep your district satisfied, and sometimes that’s important!
However, if you watch the videos here on the site and read in the text, you’ve get a feel for what the Sisters suggest.

Karen Morse

Thank you for your help! Have a wonderful day!


You, too!! And–tomorrow is Friday!!

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