This is my first year as a teacher, I have experience with daily 5 from my student teaching experience and have read the books and have joined the website and read the articles. I’m trying to create my first few weeks of lessons but I’m overwhelmed there is so much information and I’m not sure where to begin. Do I start out just teaching independence and routines such as the chimes, lining up, transitions, etc… or do I begin with read to self foundation lessons and introduce ten steps to independence. Its already July and I’m terrified.






Welcome to the world of teaching!! You are fortunate to have experienced Daily 5 during your student teaching, and now you have to make it your own .
I believe the article linked here: will be valuable to you–Launching Daily 5 and CAFE in the first 15 days. It’s full of links to take you to specific areas on the site to help you get a good handle on where your’e going.
You might want to print out the Essential Elements for Daily 5:, which gives you a way to assess your knowledge and suggest areas for growth.
We’re here to ask questions whenever you have any. Please don’t hesitate to ask about anything. . Best of luck to you!

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