I have a group of students who LOVE listen to reading. We get to 3 rounds every day and some students choose Listen to Reading every day. I have a small class and a wonderful TA so we can meet with every student in a small group daily as well. So students make 2 choices and meet with a teacher daily. For some students their 2 choices are listen and word work. I ask students to read to self after the listening center book is over, but I want my students to spend more time independently reading from their book bins. Do you have Read to Self as a “must do”? Thoughts? I thought about limiting listen to reading to 2x per week as well as a way to limit the choice.





Ann Williams

Also - this is a kindergarten class!


The Sisters say that all students should do Read to Self and Writing every day–their choice is ‘when’. Then other round(s) are student choice. I would limit Listen to Reading to 2 or 3 times a week and Word Work on other days. Don’t forget about Read to Someone. Your kiddos may really like that!
Are you using the Daily 5 Check In Form (or something similar)? This will help you (and your children) keep track of where/when they’ve gone to each choice. Here’s a link to that form on the website:

Ann Williams

Thanks! My kids do love read to someone as well. I changed things up and for the past 2 weeks have started the first round with all children doing Read to Self on MWF and Read to someone on T/TH, The other 2 rounds students make choices. This has helped me to schedule when I want to do 1:1 conferences and small groups. So far so good! I feel better knowing they are spending more time reading their independent reading books too.


Good for you! I think you’ll continue to be amazed about how your kiddos become independent readers with your support. Your kiddos are lucky to have you as their teacher.

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