I love Daily Five! Our school wil be meeting in the classroom, but with 4-6 feet distancing, so no shared word work materials or read to someone. I would love ideas for best implementing Daily Five in that setting.





Kathleen Stidham

I think a lot of us are in the same quandry. I am planning on making the "read with someone" (5 minutes) and "read to self" (ten + minutes) the daily reading homework -- my third graders ALWAYS need to work on prosody, pacing, and automaticity, and those are things that families can help with (they help with read-to-self by asking comprehension and craft questions a la Parent Pipelines). Older kiddos can read to self and notice when they struggle, but a lot of my students aren't self-aware enough even to notice when what they are reading doesn't sound right let alone make sense...  I am going to go ahead and make packets for students for some shared practice on word work (vocabulary, language/grammar, spelling) and "work on writing" in-class using mentor texts. "Listen to Reading" will be our read-alouds/mentor texts, SEL/Science/Social Studies materials (I have to embed content in our ELA time because I have NO time in the day for non-core!). If we are doing "distance" learning at all, the read-alouds and word work minilessons will be videos, and conferring and practice/small groups will be through online meets/office hours.


We are looking at virtual centers, even when we do stations in the classroom.  We feel pretty sure we'll be transitioning to remote learning at some point in the year if the situation worsens or someone in the school gets COVID.  That way, students will still be able to do the stations at home and it will be an easy transition.  Our district is purchasing enough chrome books this summer to be 1:1 and also gets several hot spots to install in specific areas. 


I would love to know more about your "virtual" centers!


My goal right now for read to someone is to have students reading on zoom within the classroom on their ipads together, or reading to a "buddy", but since we can't have fabric materials, it would have to be a picture (loved one) on their desks, or a cartoon character if they don't send one.  I am still thinking of options. 

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