I was hoping someone can give me some tips as to setting up Daily five in a K class. Especially in the beginning when you are teaching routines and structure how do you incorporate basic routines with Daily five? Also how does this work with read to self when some of the students are not reading yet? Thanks so much. I will be returning to teaching after eight years and just finished up my Master’s degree. Can’t wait to get started.







Congratulations to you!
I would suggest that you peruse the many wonderful articles, videos and ideas here on the website. Here’s a link to get you started:[articletypes]=0&article_search_button=Search
Also, here on the Discussion Board, there are many questions and ideas posted from teachers around the world :).
When you have specific questions, please feel free to post them here to get suggestions and ideas from other kindergarten teachers.
Good luck to you! Suzanne

Melanie Reardon

I taught kindergarten last year after not teaching for many years, and I used Daily 5 in my class. I was the only one in my school using Daily 5, so it was a lot of trial and error and definitely not perfect. However, I loved it! I introduced it just how it’s presented in the books (I read both Daily 5 and The Cafe books). One of my first lessons was “Three Ways to Read,” so my non-readers (most of my students) could “read the pictures.” I had wordless books in everyone’s book boxes, as well as label books & simple books they may know. During check in, I let them share a book they read during Read to Self & that really motivated them to read. Believe it or not, kindergartners can do this. I didn’t start Work on Writing until they had reached about 10 minutes of stamina in Read to Self. In the meantime, we worked on how to “write” when they don’t actually know how to write, so that when we started Work on Writing, they knew what to do. We also worked on the other lessons for Word Work and Listen to Reading while we were building stamina. I did not add Read to Someone until January. It is definitely a slow beginning in kindergarten, but well worth it. It was really rewarding to see them working independently throughout the year. I found the 5-7 minute whole group lessons were as long as my kids would sit still. My kids LOVED Daily 5 & if we didn’t do it (because of assemblies, etc.), they would ask about it. Good luck!


You words are a great inspiration to our friend here, and others just getting started! Thank you for sharing. A question about the Emergent Menu/Regular Menu. Did you start off using the Emer Menu and then switch to CAFE Menu at some point during the year? How did that work for you?

Melanie Reardon

I started with the Emergent Cafe Menu. I didn’t necessarily add all the Emergent menu, then switch over. I just added whatever skill we were working on. I started my groups in the fall with strategy groups and individual conferring, but had to switch to 20 minute small group lessons (per the school), and did not have time to do individual conferring. I tried to set goals with the students on the Cafe board, but as a new teacher, I was overwhelmed with everything that was required and I did not follow through. I did not utilize the Cafe menu as much as I would have liked. However, I love the list of strategies and found it useful when planning my lessons. Sometimes the “standards” are a little confusing, and the Cafe book explains the strategies well (especially for a new teacher).

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