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I read the first edition of the Daily Five book last summer. A teacher in my grade also bought the book to read but bought the second edition. I bought the second edition and it is different than the first! The “foundation” lessons are new. In the old book, we would do the foundation lessons for Read to Self and then once their stamina is good - then move to the next choice. Has anyone else read both books?







Yes, I have :). I heard the Sisters talk about it at a recent conference, and understand that they, like all of us, learn and refine our ideas as we see them and put them in practice. The 2nd Edition definitely contains the latest thinking from the Sisters.

Pam Nelson

I am reading the second edition right now and think it’s fabulous. Yes in light of their continued learning they have made some improvements. They mention this in chapter one or two. I also think edition 2 is easier to understand. That said I’ve done daily 5 for 3 years so I’ve learned few things. Now I am a reading I interventionist and think about how I can support my students in our groups and their classrooms.

Dan Montanaro

Does the daily cafe website keep up to date as well?
I am very new at this a just purchased the online membership and wondering what do others find the most beneficial about the online membership.


The “Tip of the Week” introduces new videos and updates to the website. If you are new to the site, I suggest looking over the interactive CAFE menu and all the related materials found there.
S Rea

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