I am planning on using Daily 5/CAFE during Summer School. My issue is that Summer School is only 15 days. I will be teaching reading and writing related to reading for 4 hours each day. I will have students that have not been exposed to Daily 5/CAFE. I also want to use CAFE with these students. I would like suggestions on how to best make this work. I am teaching under a principal that would like Daily 5/CAFE used in all classrooms in the future. Ideas and suggestions to make this launch work?






I think I would concentrate on Read to Self and then Work on Writing.It will definitely need to be the “sped-up” version, but I think you can do it. If you get those two launched successfully and feel ok adding more, then you always can. Since your focus is reading and writing related to reading, these two areas would fit well.
Do you have the same kids for that four hour block? If so, you could do several short practice rounds on the first couple of days to set the ground rules for being independent.
I’m doing a two hour summer school class for 4 weeks, and I’m going to try to do a similar format. Maybe we can compare notes as we go :).
Anyone else out there in a similar situation?

Lillian Falk

Yes, I will have the same students for the block. I like your suggestion. I am also thinking after reading and thinking that I may run each day like two days. Introduce Read to Self and Work on Writing on the first day and practice several times. Then do teacher read aloud with a focus lesson and a short walk or library visit. We could then return to class and basically do Daily 5/Cafe again. My summer school class is small 14 to 15 first grade students that will be in second grade in the fall.
I shared what I am planning with the other teachers that will be teaching summer school. We are all excited to implement Daily 5/Cafe.
Anyone else have suggestions on how to make this successful?


Hope to hear about your success after SS is over!

Lillian Falk

Daily 5 worked very well during summer school. My group was small which allowed students to conference with me each day, I was able to present focus lessons and have students practice strategies with a partner. I used the EPIC Books app for listen to reading. I am happy that did not let the short amount of time stop me from using the D5 framework.


Glad to hear things went so well! I had some good success with my time, too, but maybe not quite a much as I wanted. I really concentrated on Read to Self and Work on Writing. I loved the growth I saw in writing, for sure. Seemed to take the kiddos I had longer than I expected to settle in to Read to Self–they all wanted to read to someone even though i hadn’t discussed that!! Guess they knew how to meet their own needs :).

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