Joan Moser


We only have an hour time block for our literacy block. I am struggling with having the students get to 3 choices and having 2-3 foundation lessons daily. Any thoughts?







What grade level do you teach?

wendy wall

I have the same issues happening in my classroom. I teach Grade 5 and have about 60 -80 mins a day which I can devote to my Language Arts time. I am experiencing difficulty fitting everything in. I would so appreciate it if I could get some feedback on how teachers are doing CAFE in their classrooms. Right now, I start my block with a read aloud in which I can introduce or review/model the strategies I have taught and covered. I am wondering how often or how these strategies can be reviewed and practiced enough if there are so many. Basically, I would love to know how other elementary/grade 5 teachers are doing it in their classrooms. Right now, I am using a novel to teach the CAFE strategies, read about 10 mins and then move on to Daily 3 and then trying to fit in the last part of my block for writing. I am just feeling incredibly overwhelmed right now and wondering if I am making best use of the time. Please help!

Joan Moser

Thank you for the quick response!
I teach 3rd grade!

Roxane Daniel

Hi Joan! I have a similar situation. I have more time than you, but have a bunch of mandated things that need to get done that take up time. I came to the site a week or so ago and started searching for the answer. My initial thought was to just give them 2 choices a day, but since I didn’t do the research to write the book, I was afraid of messing up the whole Chi of the system by doing that. Well…somewhere on the CAFE site is an article written by the sisters that talks about how each class and grade level is different. Just as they revised the Daily 5 book to have only 3 rotations now, they also said in the article that some classes may have to only do 2 rotations. I think you have to do what you have to do. It may not be your ideal literacy block, the one you had in your head before school started, but you are still giving them all of the things that make D5 amazing, just in smaller doses.
Hope that helps!

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