Janine Draper

Our school is working on creating units that follow the UbD templates and would like to include our work with Daily 5. Has anyone already done this? We have not been able to find any examples of how it has been set up and have some questions around how to make this an effective tool to become seamless in our primary language arts education.






Here’s a link to an article from ASCD about UbD that is very clear and easy to understand, for me. Although it doesn’t have specific examples, it does go through the process. As I read through the Seven Key Tenets of UbD, it seems to me that CAFE follows nearly every one. You don’t really create units for CAFE per se, as the lessons are based on the Reading Strategies of CAFE and the needs of the students. Yes, there are ultimate goals, but kids all progress at their own rate. Our goal is to be on top of what each child needs.

Janine Draper

Thank you for your response @srea and for the link. I appreciated the information. We, as a primary team, are in the midst of creating UbD templates to reflect our work with Daily 5. We are hoping to structure them based on the Daily 5 components - Reading Strategies, Work on Writing, Word Work. Although the goals are different for every student, we want to have an overarching sense of where we are headed as a team and aim for seamless instruction from K-4. If you come across any other material that you think may be helpful, please think of us. With gratitude!


I’ll look around to see what I can find. If any other members have info about UbD with Daily 5, please share your ideas or findings.

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