Hi! Hope someone can help me. Three ways to read a book is the first lesson when beginning Read to Self. The next lesson is “Good Fit Books”. One of the ways to determine this is to be able to read the words. How does “Read the Pictures” fit into Good Fit Books??






The 3 Ways Lesson is to help all kids–no matter the age–realize that they can learn from books, even if they can’t read all the words. Helps them to be able use their book boxes during Read to Self rounds.
As soon as possible, we want kids to include books where they can read the text to include in their book boxes.
Now, during Read to Self, that have several books to choose from. You can set the expectation as to which books are read first or how many of each–you just have to follow up with them during your conferring.
Here are a couple of links on the website for the lessons you’re asking about. At those links, you’ll be able to connect to other articles.

Marsha wolfel

My children will all be able to read the words at the beginning of the year. I use read the pictures lesson to draw attention to the pictures because I find that they are just skipping them, so I focus on that aspect. Also, it teaches them that reading the pictures in a book that’s above level is legitimate reading.

Julann Ducharme

I teach kindergarten, so in the beginning of the year we use pictures to read most of the time. As they begin to read more words, I fill up their book bags with Good Fit books where they can read all or most of the words. Once I introduce Read to Someone, I tell the kids they have to use Good Fit books so they can practice reading words, but I do let them use pictures all year long for read to self- most students want to do this with a book I have read aloud recently. But they will choose from the library also Good Fit books, so I feel like I don’t have to limit them by saying they can only choose those Good Fit books for read to self.


I think no matter the age of the student, they need to know that sometimes it’s OK for them to read the pictures, etc. A good combination of books in their book boxes is the key.

Lillian Falk

I was presenting the Three Ways to Read a Book to a child that I am tutoring and that will be in my classroom in a few weeks. Her father was reading as he waited for his daughter. When I explained to the child that it was important to read the pictures, she acted like it was silly. Her father came over and shared that he was reading a book on engineering and he was using a graph as a way to clarify the information. I find that when children have real reasons to read the pictures, they see value and will use the strategy.


That’s a great “real-life” example that we could use with students in our classrooms, too!

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