I LOVE the check-in online! I can’t wait to use it with my students! I’m wondering if student choices can be deleted? I was playing around with it, and made choices for one of my students, but now I want to delete them so that I can actually enter his choices for each round. I am just not seeing how I can delete them. Any ideas?






I just asked your question of the developers, and will let you know their response. As I see it, you really can’t delete a saved choice. However, you are allowed to add as many choices as you like–new boxes pop up–so, just this once, you may have an extra set of choices–but you’ll know


Here’s the reply from the CCPensieve developers:
“We are working on the edit buttons now and will have this done this week. We wanted to get it out and are working on a few more features like edit, delete and a quick select pop up to make the choice for each student.”
Keep watching, and I’m sure we’ll see it soon!!

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