I LOVE my online pensieve. Sometimes I will schedule a meeting with a student on the calendar, and they are absent or I am unable to complete my full list. is there way to drag and drop that student to another date.? It would sure keep me organized with who needs to be met first.

Also…I want to make sure that I pay for my pensieve before my trial runs out so I do not lose anything. How do I do that?






To answer your second question first, you won’t lose any of your information or data :). Even if the 30 days runs out, if you sign up and pay using the same username and password, all your info will be there :). If you want to ask any further questions about that, click on the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the Pensieve page.


If you click on the meeting you had scheduled, an edit box will pop-up and you can change the date :).

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