Is there a way to print out a day/week of calendar on CCpensive? I need a copy of which days I plan to confer with each student/group and what was planned before I actually meet with each student.






At this time, there really isn’t. I think the easiest thing to do might be to take a screen shot of your calendar after you put in the names for the week. I know that’s not ideal, but it will work. Then you can print it out if you want, or keep it on your desk top.
I passed your idea along to the developers :). They always love to hear from users.


Andrea-- I got a response from our CCPensieve folks.
They reminded me that you could print the monthly calendar from you browser. Also, the girls are working on \adding a printable PDF that would print the calendar on it’s own page. They hope to have that option available later this year.

Molly Miller

Our building uses CC Pensieve and needs to have a way to print the calendars with the notes. We need the information for RTI purposes.


There isn’t an option right now to print out the calendar. Are you wanting to see when conferences are scheduled by teachers? The best way to capture that would be to take a screen shot of want you want to keep.
If you want a record of when conferences were held, you can click on the “Keeping Track” for the dates when conference notes were taken. Here, you can also take a screen shot to show the record.
If you want actual notes from the conferences, you can get those two ways. If you want all conferences held, you can print this report by clicking on “Print Options” and click on All Student sessions to get reports on all students at once.
If you want those notes on a specific child, you can go to that child’s page, click on the “Create Student PDF” tab and customize if you want all sessions or sessions for a specific time.
I hope these ideas help. If you have further questions, let me know. Also, you can email the developers of the CCPensieve at the link at the bottom the page there, and let them know what you’d like to be able to do.

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