Please help! My school district is adopting a new boxed reading curriculum and it makes me feel anxious what might happen to our daily 5 in the classroom. Please share your experiences or thoughts. Thanks!






I don’t know to what extent you have to use those materials, but here are some ideas:
–Look through the teacher’s manual to get the flow of the lessons to be taught. Compare them with the CAFE menu, and I think you’ll see how you could fit them in to your mini-lessons.
–Integrate the phonics lessons into your word work as appropriate for the kids.
–Use the books (hopefully some leveled readers) to populate your book boxes as appropriate.
Here’s a link to an article about basals:

Denise Brania

Thank you for your help. We are looking to use Wonders or Journeys.

Denise Brania

I am definitely sharing this information with my teaching partners and principal.

Christina Milton

My district uses Journeys and I have no problem incorporating the Daily 5. We use the lesson for an interactive read aloud and I have been able to align with CAFE. I use some of the other work as word work. The guided readers I use with reading groups. The kids all have their book boxes and they have full choice with the exception if the interactive read aloud that we read and address a skill from cafe and CC. They usually want to read to self or research to learn more about topics in the story. It can work.

Denise Brania

Thank you for sharing! I appreciate your thoughts!

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