A conversation that has been brought up several times lately is the accountability piece from children. How do you have your students show accountability while out doing their Daily 5 choice?





David Buckley

Each of my students has copies of student-constructed (guided with teacher input) rubrics for each Daily 5 option, and they also have “rating sheets” that are in plastic page protectors. They rate themselves after each cycle using their rubrics and at the end of the whole Daily 5 block, I go around and take note of their scores. I then take time at the end of the day to conference with two students about how their Daily 5 went and review their work with them. While circulating around and looking at their self-given scores, if anything seems out-of-the-ordinary, I ask the student in question to quickly show me his or her work for whatever cycle I have a question about.


For the choice of work on writing, the entries in a child’s journal will give you a window into how the strategies they’ve been working on carry over into their writing. You can take note of spelling, sight words, conventions, and writing complete thoughts.
For word work, there are several ways to check accountability. Students can do a pencil-paper or cut-paste work family or word sort activity sheets that they can add to their journal, or turn in. Another way is to use an online program, such as Seesaw that will allow students to take pictures of their work and save in their online portfolio (by the way, you can get a free trial for this program).
Recording reading passages for either read to self or read to someone will give you a way to listen in on how the students were interacting, and if they are choosing good fit books.
Of course, “checking in” when students make their choice is another way to check accountability. When they choose their ‘daily’ they articulate their reading goals and strategies. Here’s a link to an article discussing that, along with a downloadable form for this purpose.

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