I am new to Daily 5 and teach 3 blocks of 4th grade reading, language, writing, and vocabulary with each block lasting 80 minutes. Someone please tell me what all needs to happen the first day of school? The first week of school? The first weeks of school? I am nervous and kids start Monday! My room is ready!! Yay! Cafe menu is up! Now, time for the teaching part :slight_smile: Thanks!






I’d recommend going to this link and browsing through all the info to get you going. I’m afraid trying to respond to all you concerns right now would not be so helpful. . Jump in, get started and take it from there :). Just remember, don’t rush–take it slow and steady to ensure your students “get it”.

jana fitzpatrick

I would recommend getting this book: The First Six-Weeks of School (no affiliation) on Amazon - yet, I remember it was mostly for the younger grades. I think that there might be middle school version. Plan for LOADS of practice of procedures and creating clear expectations. If you can, review your class list and see if there are any special needs of any kind that you need to be aware of on day 1. Otherwise, don’t read up on all of your students and allow this year to be a “fresh start.” Create a template so you know students contact numbers for THAT day (and possibly from then on) how they are eating lunch (school or home or ?) and how they are going home. Over-plan. Hydrate! Wishing you the best!

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