How do I add non-school days to my calendar? I am forever scheduling meetings on days we don’t have school, or when we have an early release and I won’t be able to fit all my meetings in. Please advise!






Even though the squares for Sat and Sun are gray, you can still add info on those days just like you can on any other day. It just might look you couldn’t, but you can :).

Sarah Klinczar

I use the “Other” or star code and enter in NO SCHOOL or Half Day, Early Release, No class etc. on the calendar each month. That way it shows up on my calendar so I know not to schedule any meetings on those days


Sorry I misunderstood your posting–I thought you meant how to keep notes on weekends and holidays for future events. What Sarah says makes sense, and I do that too at the beginning of each month.

Torri Phelan

Thanks everyone! That makes sense. Or I could just get my act together and know when school days are but that may not happen.

Lorraine Smith

In answer to the first question, I just block appointment days (like field trips, in services, assessing days, holidays) by treating that event like a student. I add a student called “vacation” and trick the pensive into holding that appointment for me. The kids LOVE that I can do that and that the Pensive thinks “Vacation” is a student.


Clever solution! Thanks!

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