sherri hulcher

Our principals are asking us to amp up the accountability of each of the Daily 5 areas. How do we know the children are really reading? What words have they really practiced? etc. Any ideas? It’s not just a matter of checking off that they’ve completed the “round”…it’s how do we know they’ve really focused and completed it?





Susan Bullock

“The proof is in the pudding”…I’d show the progress that each of my cuties is making in each area of literacy. Using the CCPensieve, I have data to support where my cuties started…where they have been…and where they are now. I’m also able to show how often I meet with each and the specific goals each is working on…as well as how those goals change as they make progress. All it takes is a conference with each to document progress and as long as my students are making progress toward grade level expectations and beyond…then I can show accountability. There is no argument with the progress that my cuties have made and are making and the CCPensieve makes keeping the data easier and more effective. I use the CAFE to teach specific strategies each week and then ask questions related to those strategies during conferences and strategy groups as appropriate. I love that D5 allows individualization of instruction…not just differentiated, but personalized for each kiddo. I imagine if your admin spends some time in your classroom and sees D5/CAFE/CCPensieve in action…the accountability question will be answered.

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